End of Watch: May 11, 1920
Appointed: March 8, 1897

Policeman Hodges was on duty at Waterview Recreation Park at Haines Street and McMahon Avenue while Northeast High and Germantown High Schools were playing baseball. Officer Hodges was keeping crowds from the foul lines.

A blow in the stomach caused the death of Walter H. Hodges, six-one, a policeman since and assigned to the 14th District Germantown station. After one of the players hit the ball, he the players over-ran first base, and in doing so bumped into Hodges and knocked him down. The policeman lay unconscious and died about mid-night in the Germantown Hospital that night.

He had suffered with asthma and stomach trouble for years.  He lived at 15 E. Pomona street and leaves a widow and one child.