Appointed: November 9, 1901
End of Watch: June 9, 1925

Shot with his own revolver by a giant man, Officer John C. Creevy, veteran policeman of the East Girard and Montgomery Avenue station died at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Rogers Dilworth after snatching the revolver from the policeman’s holster shooting Officer Creevy when he attempted to interfere, Rogers Dilworth, 33, shot and killed James Grubb, 31, 1000 Germantown Avenue. The shooting occurred in Grubb’s house. Dilworth, who is nearly seven feet tall, fled from the house after the shooting but was captured short distance away by Otto Higler 1009 Germantown Avenue. He brought him down with a “flying tackle” a crowd of men beat the prisoner unconscious before police rescued him.

Officer Creevy is one of the best-known policemen in the northeast. He has been on the force twenty-four years. Mrs. Anna Creevy, his wife, and his son John Jr. twenty-six, kept a vigil at the hospital all night. The policeman’s three daughters, Elizabeth, twenty-four, Mary nineteen and Grace, sixteen, were in Williamsport over the weekend.

Officer Creevy, in a statement to Lieutenant John J. Fuffy, his Commander, told of the shooting. I was standing at Front Street and Girard Avenue, twenty minutes after; I went on duty at 4 o’clock yesterday. ” Creevy said, “When a colored man, whom I later learned was Dilworth, ran up and told me there was a fight in the house at 1009 Germantown Avenue. I hurried there and Mrs. Grubb told me her husband and another colored man was arguing in the basement.  I ran downstairs and ordered them to come up. Mrs. Grubb then said a third colored man, whom she knew only as “Big Boy” was upstairs slashing a woman by the name of May Williams. I started up, as I neared the head of the stairs. I felt a tug at my holster I saw Dilworth who was behind me. Snatch the pistol. “As I tried to grab my pistol from Dilworth he fired once at Grubb. I leaped in front of him and he fired at me. As I went down he fired again at Grubb. Who fell dead in his wife’s arms.