Appointed: November 24, 1924
End of Watch: December 9, 1929

Speeding to a false alarm, a policeman was killed and two others seriously injured when their patrol wagon collided with a fire engine at 29th and Dickinson streets early today and was overturned. Policeman Phillip Bruce, 35 years old, lived at 2313 Dickinson Street, the driver of the police van of the 20th and Federal Street Station, was thrown under the heavy vehicle as it toppled over and crushed him to death. Nathan Cohen, 26 years old, lived at 2639 S. 3rd Street is in St. Agnes Hospital with internal injuries, a crushed face, broken ear drum and severe cuts and bruises, and his condition is critical. The other Edward Drumm, 45 years old, lived at 2323 Morris Street was cut and bruised.

Coming in at 12.04 a.m., during midnight roll call, the fire alarm was sounded for 32nd and Dickinson Street and Officer Bruce with Officer Drumm on the front seat and Cohen inside, started for the scene traveling west on Dickinson Street.

Engine Co. 60, 24th and Ritner Street was speeding north on 29th Street with the pumper, driven by Walter Mooney, 42 years old, of 2129 South Carlisle Street in the lead.  When he approached Dickinson Street to turn west, Mooney slowed down to around the corner, but struck the side of the patrol wagon, toppling it over.  Mooney, with Lieutenant Moore, in command of the fire company, and five other firemen escaped injury and stopped to assist in righting the patrol wagon to get Officer Bruce out. Mooney was placed under technical arrest in custody of Lieutenant Moore. Andrew Ruckhouse and Rudolph Huber, firemen were ordered to appear as witnesses. Officer Bruce had served five years in the Police Bureau and was a World War I veteran.  He leaves his widow and two children. His skull and jaw were fractured. Cohen has served only one year and is married. Drumm has been in the bureau fifteen years, married and has twelve children.