Appointed: April 30, 1917
End of Watch: July 23, 1917

New policeman connected with the Frankford Station was killed in revolver duel. Frederick Weingard a new policeman died in the Frankford Hospital. His wife, Mrs. Frances Weingard sat at his bedside.  Several times from unconsciousness and told her cheerily he would recover. His home is at 2249 Brill Street in Bridesburg.

In another room in the hospital Dewey Yancey twenty years old of W. Price Street, Germantown the man who shot Officer Weingard is under police guard. The Yancey is suffering from bullet wounds in the back and shoulder inflected by the policeman after the ones Yancey had received Yancey’s bullet in his abdomen.

The duel occurred at Edmund and Wakeling Street near an entrance to Whitehall Commons a short time after the policeman had driven out Yancey and a girl companion away from that park. Lezzie Craig, eighteen, of Stiles Street was arrested after the shooting and held in $200 bail as a material witness by Magistrate Borie. Officer Weingard who was thirty-one years old had been on the force only four months since May. On Saturday night he attended a theatre in Frankford and was returning home with George Shaller a friend preparatory to going on duty at midnight. While the two men were crossing the Commons, they discovered Yancey and his companion acting in a disorderly manner. Weingard ordered the pair to leave and as they walked away Yancey it is alleged turned and muttered threats against the policeman. The latter believed the man would try to return and he walked quickly to Edmund and Wakeling Street and met them again. Yancey, according to an ante-mortem statement made by Weingard to magistrate Boris yesterday afternoon pulled a revolver from his sleeve and shot the policeman at short range. Although his intestines where pierced Weingard pursued the man a short distance and fired five shots two taking effect before he fell unconscious.

McLaughlin another patrolman who lives nearby rushed from his home upon hearing the shots and sent Weingard to the hospital in a motor belonging to E. S. Williamson 4852 Tocony street Yancey and the girl was arrested later in the Stiles street house by Gallagher and Slavin patrolmen. He Husband was feeling happy because he was getting along so well in his work as a policeman and was in particularly fine spirits when he left here Saturday evening said Mrs. Weingard today at her home. As soon as I entered his room at the hospital he smiled and said don’t worry, I’ll bet well.  I’m not much hurt. The doctors called me aside and told me to tell my husband he would have to undergo an operation immediately. When I did so he replied I am not afraid of being operated on I’ll come out of it all right.  When he came out of the ether about half past two he repeated he would get well. Several times during the day he became unconscious but recovered again and continued talking to me. Mrs. Weingard is left with three children Anthony ten, Frances eight, and Albert four. The two oldest ones were informed of the shooting but the youngest does not know his father is dead.