Appointed: April 25, 1917
End of Watch: March 20, 1919

Joseph Swiercynski, twenty-seven of 120 Kenilworth Street, a policeman was attached to the 2nd and Christian Street Station. It was said two men he was pursuing shot him. The policeman body was found by the police of the 7th and Carpenter Station Police Station in front of a saloon at 9th and Christian street. A woman telephoned the station house and told the House Sergeant a man had been lying on the street for nearly half an hour. Patrol Sergeant Gallagher and a squad of policemen went to the spot in a patrol wagon.

The policeman was dead. Several persons said they heard five or six shots. The policeman’s body was across the street from his beat.  Three men in the saloon when the police arrived were arrested as material witnesses. They are James Hughes forty-five 16th and Parrish street manager of the saloon, Frank Cooper, thirty-five, the cleaner and Manuel Dice thirty-five 2335 S. 11th street. Magistrate Coward today held Hughes and Cooper in $600 bail each for a further hearing. Dice was discharged but several others arrested have been made police say but the names of the prisoners are withheld. 

It was brought out at the hearing that Officer Swiercynski ran to 9th and Fitzwater Street when he heard shots there. It is said he chased two men to the door of the saloon, where they turned and fired on him. Four bullets took effect. When the woman telephoned the House, Sergeant undertook to get her name but she hung up the receiver. Swiercynski had the reputation of being a careful policeman. His wife and sixteen months old baby are both critically ill.