Appointed: August 1, 1909
End of Watch: September 21, 1912

David M. Simpson, twenty-six years old, a policeman of the 20th and Fitzwater Street station house, was fatally stabbed. Robert Henderson, of Garnet Street near Tasker is accused of the stabbing and was held without bail for the Coroner.

Nine friends, said to have tried to shield him, were held under $200 bail for a further hearing, as were three youths Henderson was chasing when Officer Simpson interfered. The stabbing occurred at 19th and Federal Street before a small group of men and under the lights of a drug store. Henderson had been to a party at the house of George Henley, 1216 S. 19th street and was returning with two women. A short distance ahead was Clarence Claxton, eighteen years old, 1738 Tasker Street.  William McKee, eighteen years old, 1038 S. Colorado Street and Joseph Coyle, nineteen years old, of 1925 Latona Street. The two were calling to Claxton, whom they knew, and the man, believing he was being jeered, started after the two boys. They threw milk bottles and he drew a knife.

Officer Simpson was on the corner talking to William Byrne, 917 South 23rd street when the youths ran by pursued by Henderson. Simpson sprang into the center of the sidewalk and ordered the man to halt. When the latter showed no signs of stopping. Simpson threw out his foot and tripped Henderson. As Henderson was falling he plunged the knife deep under the heart of the policeman. Byrne too, was cut. Simpson sank to the pavement. The man, brandishing the knife ran away, and no one dared follow him.

Simpson was hurried to the Polyclinic Hospital, where Byrne also was taken. Eichhorn and Brown, policemen of the 20th and Federal Street station, heard of the stabbing and traced Henderson to the house where the party was held. They raided the place and arrested Henderson in the kitchen. There they also arrested the nine, said to have tried to mislead the police and shield the man.

Henderson denied that he had been out of the house. He was identified by the boys he had been fighting with and then was hurried to the Polyclinic Hospital. At the hospital Simpson made the identification positive.