Appointed: January 14, 1911
End of Watch: September 18, 1914

Policeman Frank A. Sankey of the 61st Street and Thompson Street station died in the West Philadelphia Homeopathic Hospital as the result of being shot early last Sunday morning by Levada Henry, of Summer Street west of 56th Street, whom he was trying to arrest.

Henry was arrested subsequently by other policemen and was held without bail to await the result of Sankey medical condition.

Henry will be arraigned for a further hearing and the charge will be changed to murder. Henry according to the police is an old offender, when he created a disturbance at 56th and Vine Street Officer Sankey was called upon to arrest him. The Henry gave battle and during the struggle he draws a revolver and fired a bullet at point blank range entering Officer Sankey’s abdomen. The policeman collapsed and Henry fled to his home, where he went to the roof and was followed by his family to await the arrival of police.