Appointed: July 7, 1897
End of Watch: March 25, 1915

Jacob C. Miller, a former sailor in the United States Navy, who killed Detective James Maneely a Central Station detective and Detective Harry C. Tucker. Was caught at the Torresdale depot at noon and three hours later arraigned before the Magistrate at City Hall.

Captain’s Cameron orders to the police were to get Miller dead or alive. Four detectives, Hodge, Ulrick, Brown and Oleynizack, arrested Miller as he tried to leave the City at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station to New York. The detectives took away from him the automatic pistol with which he killed Maneely and Tucker. The desperado was thrown into a private motorcar, which was commandeered, and rushed down to City Hall. “Yes, we’re bringing him in clean,” Cameron responded, “and we’re going to shoot him up to the hospital for Tucker to identify him. It’s a race with death.  Tucker may not live long enough, and mind, you fellow--” cautioned Captain Cameron.“ No monkey business. I’m as glad as you that we’ve got the fellow that killed Detective Maneely. But no rough stuff?

Maneely, had been on the force eighteen years, was first appointed to the Fifth District, and was later transferred to the Belgrade and Clearfield Street station.  He was a reserve policeman for several years. He leaves a wife Elizabeth and daughter Dorothy. Jacob Miller was not searched by either detective he told them he was unarmed. So, Tucker took Jacob by the arm, and led him out into the street, and Maneely followed with Louis Miller. Jacob Miller halted and asked Tucker’s permission to enter an alley, which runs into Cambria Street at that point. Tucker assented and took the desperado over to the alley, which was dark. A moment later Maneely heard two shots, followed by a cry from Tucker. Maneely’s first though was for his comrade.  Casting Louis aside, he dashed across Cambria Street and into the alleyway.

There he stumbled over Tucker’s prostrated form. He saw Miller vanish in the darkness and started after him, Miller fired and shot Maneely in the arm, Maneely continued the chase through the alleyway. Miller fired again this time he stuck Maneely in the stomach. The shock doubled him over for a second but he straightened up and kept running after the gunman. Miller turned again where the alley leads back into the street. He plunged out into Cambria Street again, with Maneely stumbling bravely behind him. The detective caught Miller across the alley opening, and the two men closed in a desperate grapple for the gun. Miller with more vicious resistance to keep his pistol pushed away there was a flash of light and q quick report, and Maneely fell.  A bullet had crashed into his left eye, and he was dead. Miller resumed his flight.

Jacob Miller