Appointed: May 15, 1918
End of Watch: March 14, 1919

James Hess, policeman of the 15th street and Snyder Avenue station was shot and killed while in a saloon at Clarion and Dickinson Street he was in full uniform at the time. The bullet entered his left side above the heart. He was taken to St. Agnes Hospital where he passed away.

Sperandino De Gildo, proprietor of the saloon did the shooting of the policeman. Magistrate Baker held him without bail. Angelo Damato thirty-seven, 1830 S. Rosewood Street the bartender was committed as a material witness. It was testified that Hess entered the saloon. The noise of the argument between the policemen and the proprietor attracted Frank Marquarno, a policeman. He went into the saloon and induced Hess to leave.  As the two policemen walked away Hess missed his revolver. He decided to return for it but Marquarno dissuaded him and went into the saloon instead. De Gildo admitted to Marquarno that he had taken the revolver away from Hess, because “he was in no condition to carry it”, it was testified by Marquarno.

Then Marquarno left him to attend to some duties.  Hess returned to the saloon it was testified and started to argue with Damato and De Gildo. The argument grew heated. Hess started to walk around the bar and the saloonkeeper; De Gildo fired two shots one at the ceiling and the other at Hess. Police say the shooting was done with Hess’ revolver.

Hess thirty-one and single, has been on the force since May 15, 1918. He formerly was a conductor. He lives with his mother, Mrs. Ellen Hess; at 2410 S. Mole Street Mrs. Hess was informed by the police four hours after the shooting that her son was ill and in a hospital. She did not know that he had been shot until she went there.