Appointed: February 2, 1910
End of Watch: January 27, 1919

Detectives today said George Vincent Lembo was a religious fanatic, who killed three men and wounded four others and had been a dangerous lunatic for the last two years. He evidently spent most of time period working himself into a religious passion to go out and kill.

Detectives, while believing Lembo may have been a tool of Bolshcvist say they are now convinced following an inquiry that the assassin was not connected with the bomb outrages in the city December 30 last, as was at first suspected.

Coroner Knight and Captain Souder of the Detective Bureau declared today that the wholesale slaughter could have been averted by a stringent law against indiscriminate sale of firearms. “I have appealed for such a law ever since I have been in officer.” Said Coroner Knight. “I believe at least two-thirds of the murders in this city are due entirely to the ease with which the murderers obtain weapons.

Lembo shot up the P. R. T. power shops, 13th and Mr. Vernon Street and emptied two pistols at his pursuers before being clubbed unconscious. Amount the dead was Policeman George R. Dingwall along with his partner Officer John Knox. Officer Dingwall, thirty-seven years, appointed to the Bureau February 1, 1910, he lived at 234 South 5th street and was shot and killed at Broad Street and Fairmount Avenue. He first shot a Michael Rendler then Thomas Holloran the he shot Harry Clark the Officer Dingwall then Officer John Knox.

Samuel Walker, a Reserve Policeman 2655 North 6th Street was run over by a motorcar at 16th and Fairmount Avenue while pursuing the maniac. His leg is crushed and he is in Hahnemann Hospital. Lembo, who was shot and beaten severely over the head by the police before he was subdued he is in the Garretsoin Hospital, under police guard. His right hip is fractured and he spent a restless night, according to doctors and at periods talked incoherently.

Coroner Knight recalled that after the United States entered the war the Bureau of Police issued an order forbidding the sale of firearms except to persons holding a police permit.  He said he would attempt to have this order put in operation again, pending passage of an anti-firearm's law.