Appointed: October 28, 1890
End of Watch: January 12, 1918

Policeman Charles T. Dewees driver of police van No. 2 was thrown to the pavement and killed today when a horse pulling the van became frightened and turned into a ran-away. Dewees was fifty-three years old and had been in the police service for twenty-eight years.

Dewees was leaving the stable of the Germantown station to go to the Thirty-ninth district, at 22nd street and Hunting Park Ave. There were no prisoners in the van. The vehicle had just turned from the driveway of the station into Germantown Avenue when a large piece of paper was blown against the legs of the horses.

The horses darted forward, and in the effort to control them but Dewees lost his balance and fell to the Street, broke his neck upon impact. The frightened animals continued on Germantown Avenue to Haines Street where they smashed into a wagon belonging to William Hutchinson and shoe keeper in the neighborhood.  Both horses attached to the van were thrown down by the crash and they were secured before they could struggle to their feet.

Dewees is survived by his widow and two sons, who are serving in the army.