Appointed: May 5, 1897
End of Watch: January 5, 1908

Patrolman Scott H. Shelley, forty-eight years old, living at 1818 Van Pelt Street died from a fractured skull, accidentally received, attempted to stop a runaway horse at 7th and Diamond Street.

December 30th Shelly attempted to stop a runaway horse at 7th and Diamond Street the animal throws him and stomped upon his head. Officer Shelly died in the Woman’s Homeopathic Hospital. The police endeavored to learn the names of the two men who were in the carriage when the runaway occurred but were unsuccessful. Shelley was positively the most fearless man I ever saw, said Lieutenant Twesten today. “He was not afraid of anything, and his daring’s, led him to take part in captures and rescues that would make the ordinary man hesitate. In 1904 he captured Robert Hackett, a burglar who was terrifying the neighborhood, and Hackett is now in jail, serving a fifteen-year sentence.

On Wednesday evening the policeman will be at the chapel, an undertaking establishment at 6th and Diamond Street to attend the preliminary funeral service. They will wear white gloves and their badges will be draped in black crape. The funeral will take place at Doylestown on Thursday.