Appointed: July 15, 1907
End of Watch: December 19, 1908

His horse slipped on the ice, Mounted Policeman Edward Mooney met his death by being hurled in front of a trolley car at Twenty-fifth and Passyunk Avenue.  He was killed instantly; his body being practically cut in two by the wheels of the car. Mrs. Mooney’s mother died at Hazleton a few days ago had urged him to obtain a leave of absence to attend the funeral with her. “I’d like to go to Hazleton with you,” he said to her, “but the department needs my services now more than during any other part of the year and I don’t think it would be advisable for me to ask to be excused from duty.”

Under the circumstances, the department needed all the mounted policemen who are doing extra duty just now, Mooney could have got leave of absence, but he decided to work and in doing so lost his life. He went on duty at 12 o’clock on Friday night and after being relieved yesterday morning was returning with his horse to the Seventeenth district substation, Seventeenth and Jackson Streets. With him at the time was Mounted Policeman Freeman.

The two officers, side by side, with Mooney nearest the trolley tracks, were riding along Passyunk Avenue when Mooney’s horse slipped on the ice and hurled him in front of the car, which was approaching at a rapid rate of speed. The motorman, seeing the policeman, did all he could to save the man, but was unable to stop the car, the wheels of which crushed and mangled Mooney’s body in a terrible manner.

At the time of the accident Mooney was carrying under his arm a little dog that he found freezing on his beat and which he intended taking home. The animal, strange to say, escaped injury from the car. Mooney’s body, after it had been examined by the doctors of St. Agnes’ Hospital, was taken to the morgue. Word of his tragic death was communicated to his wife at Hazleton through her brother, John Weber, who was notified by telegraph.  Mrs. Mooney was accompanied to Hazleton by her child.  Mooney was considered on of the department’s skilled horsemen. He was born in Hazleton where he met and married his wife. He was an athlete, and before coming to this city managed the Hazleton Baseball Club in the Coal Region League. A few weeks ago, his youngest child became ill and died. Policeman Freeman, who was with Mooney when he met his death, was so unnerved by the fatality that he was unable to report for duty. Mooney was 28 years old and lived at 2218 Seigel Street.