Appointed: July 31, 1908
End of Watch: March 13, 1909

Cornered in an alley leading from Wellington Street to Monument Cemetery, one of the alleged burglars, shot and killed Special Policeman Gideon, of the Twentieth and Berks Streets station. His partner Policeman Brown detected the men attempting to try to enter a house.

Following the shooting the man leaped over a fence and made his escaped in Monument Cemetery. Policeman Brown captured the other man and ordered the police to surrounded the cemetery, while a search through the grounds was made. It is believed that the man took refuge there and the guard will be kept until daylight to complete the search. Officer Gideon, #2816, was 44 years of age and resided at 1813 North Twentieth Street, he was taken to Woman’s Homeopathic Hospital with a bullet wound in his left lung directly over his heart.

The two policemen and fugitive participated in a running firefight, which lasted for three blocks along Berks Street. When the pursued men ran finally into an alley that had no outlet they turned and waited with leveled revolvers for the two policemen. The shot, which cost the life of Gideon, was aimed at Brown.  For several weeks prior there have been several robberies committed in the vicinity of Eighteenth and Berks Streets. In an effort to stop the work of the thieves Gideon and Brown were assigned to this special duty. Last night, while standing at the corner of Seventieth and Berks Streets, the policeman noticed two men loitering near an alley. As they watched the two walked into an alley at Eighteenth and Berks streets. Brown took position at one end of the alley and Gideon made his entrance from the opposite end.

They saw the two men attempt to climb a fence.  When they jumped down, they forced there way past Brown and ran east on Berks Street. The policemen gave chase calling to the men to stop. The officers drew their revolvers and fired in the air. The fugitives returned the shots, aiming directly at the policemen. A number of pedestrians joined the two policemen. When the fugitives reached the alley leading from Wilmington Street to the cemetery they ran into it. The policemen, with drawn revolvers, crept cautiously up. Brown was in the lead, and as he entered the alley one of the men fired at him.


The shot passed its mark and entered the second policeman’s breast. Seeing his comrade fall, Brown leaped into the alley and captured one of the men, not the one who fired the shot however. Turning the man, he had caught over to a number of people attracted to the scene, the policeman called for the patrol wagon and sent his injured comrade to the hospital. Policeman Brown at the scene arrested Robert Wilson from New York.