Appointed: March 15, 1902
End of Watch: September 25, 1903

Policeman John Donovan, a Patrolman of the 15th and Vine Street Station was shot in a chase after an alleged colored burglar. At 17th and Chestnut Streets yesterday morning, died of his injuries this at the Medico-Chirurgical Hospital.

Donovan was twenty-four years old and had been on the force only eighteen months. He and Lynch a fellow policeman of the Twentieth District had been detailed to watch for burglars in the neighborhood of 17th and Market Street where there have been several robberies lately.

Early in the morning they saw, Samuel Archer, a colored man trying to force doors of stores along Market Street above 17th street and in the attempt to arrest Mr. Archer, Officer Donovan was mortally shot. Several policemen joined in the chase after Archer, and he was shot four times.

It was said at the Hospital that Archer was doing nicely and has a chance for recovery.On January 20, 1904 Samuel Archer was convicted of 1st Degree Murder by Judge Ralston and sentenced to death.

Officer Donovan was survived by his mother and father John and Helena Donovan from 2216 Race Street.