Appointed: December 2, 1904
End of Watch: May 26, 1905

Charles Streeper the huckster killed Officer Matthew Curran a policeman of the Front and master street station. The neighbor of Curran and Streeper are infuriated over his act and if he had been captured last evening a lynching party might have taken place. Curran who lived at 1334 N. Howard Street was sent to Streeper’s house last night to arrest the him on the complaint of his mother who alleged that he had beaten her, choked and kicked her and had threatened to take her life.

As Curran put his hand on Streeper shoulder he pulled a revolver and fired point-blank at the policeman, the shot penetrating his heart. Curran staggered to the alleyway and fell into the arms of David Goldstein a neighbor who rushed in upon hearing the shot. Curran died a few moments late. Streeper run into the house and up to his mother’s room in his endeavor to find some money, which he knew his mother, had. He then left through an alley in the rear and disappeared. The man was in his bare feet and the neighbors believed that he made for the Delaware and swam to the Jersey shore. My boy is a bad man she said tearfully, her face battered and bruised from her brutal son’s terrific assaults. He told me that if I ever reported him to the police for his treatment of me he would fix the Constable who came to arrest him. He attacked his wife and little girl kicking Teresa in the stomach so severely that an attack of appendicitis was brought on which necessitated her removal to the hospital for an operation. The quarrel, which caused the trouble, started in the afternoon. Streeper came in from work and became surly to his mother who tried to pacify him. He then attacked her savagely and threw her to the floor almost choking her to death and spraining her ankle. The woman said he also cut her knee with a penknife. Then he said he would kill her and went out for cartridges for his revolver.

In the meantime, old Mrs. Streeper went to his station house and made the complaint against him. Upon her return he began to renew his abuse and it was then the Curran came upon the scene and the tragedy was enacted. Officer Curran was well liked and respected though out the entire neighborhood. He and been on the police force about one year. Curran’s loss will be keenly felt by his father and sister with whom he lived and by the police force in that section of the city. He was twenty-eight years old and unmarried. He was employed by the Reading Railway Company before joining the department. The Tenth District station house is being draped in black in memory of the murdered man. Curran’s companions are thoroughly aroused over the affair and are determined to run Streeper to earth.