Appointed: May 22, 1884
End of Watch: April 22, 1909

Reserve Sergeant Daniel Clinton, 52, appointed May 22, 1884, suffered a fatal heart attack while he and other officers struggled with three U.S. Navy sailors who were acting disorderly at Delaware Avenue (modern day Christopher Columbus Boulevard) and Market Street. Sergeant Clinton had witnessed the sailors exit a hotel and begin to act disorderly in front of it. At the same time the proprietor of the hotel made a complaint against them to Sergeant Clinton. As Sergeant Clinton asked the sailors to move along he was attacked by them and knocked to the ground.

He was able to blow on his whistle, summoning assistance from three other officers who were in the area. All four officers attempted to arrest the sailors and were nearly overpowered by them because of their strength. Sergeant Clinton had managed to assist the officers in arresting three of the sailors. While the officers were placing the three sailors into a patrol wagon Sergeant Clinton was attacked from behind by a fourth sailor who then fled on foot from the area, with Sergeant Clinton in pursuit.

Sergeant Clinton suffered a fatal heart attack while pursuing the fourth sailor. He was rushed to Pennsylvania Hospital where he was declared dead.  Sergeant Clinton served with the Philadelphia Police Department for 19 years. He was survived by his wife, and two sons.

All three sailors belonged to the USRC Onandaga. They were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery.