Appointed: May 31, 1906
End of Watch: February 24, 1907

To all appearances absolutely indifferent to his fate James Cannon, alias John Leonard, who shot and killed Officer August Brusius, black in color, of the Trenton Avenue and East Dauphin Street station late Saturday evening was given a hearing before Magistrate Gillespie. He was committed without bail to the Moyamensing Prison, and efforts will be made to give him a speedy trial. The woman, whom Cannon claimed was his wife, was also held as a witness. The shooting of August Brusius, took place at Huntingdon Street and Frankford Avenue shortly after 11 o’clock Saturday night. At the time Frankford Avenue was crowded with a throng of residents returning to their homes after the close of the up-town theaters.

Cannon and the woman had been boisterous on the street for some time, it is said she was much the worse for drink. The woman was creating a scene on the street across from her home in a lodging house over a store and the policeman advised her to get into the house.  She came across the street and was about to enter the door when Cannon stood on the steps and began a quarrel with her. Officer Brusius walked up to him and advised him also to get indoors. Without even replying to the peacemaker, Cannon whipped out his revolver and fired. The bullet went through the collar and pierced the bluecoat’s windpipe. Officer Brusius was immediately taken to the Episcopal Hospital he died before reaching the intersection. Cannon, after the shooting sought refuge in the house but the crowd of spectators to the murder immediately surrounded the house and made his escape practically impossible.

Policeman Sauter followed by a score of person then rushed up stairs and took him prisoner. He submitted without offering any resistance. The crowd outside had increased rapidly and Sauter decided to keep his prisoner indoors until a detail could arrive from the Trenton station.